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Discover the world of active-motor wooden toys – our Little Buddies are companions in your child’s journey of movement, coordination, and imaginative play. These colourful and smiling interactive animals come to life in children’s hands, encouraging various actions and creating an engaging play experience.

Our wooden pull along, push along and for play buddies make playtime dynamic, stimulating movement, balance, coordination, and gross motor skills. These smiling companions become your child’s first little friends, fostering imagination in a natural and joyful way. As they pull and push these buddies, children not only strengthen their muscles but also develop essential motor skills. The stackable and assembling interactive playmates in this category add an extra layer of fun, bringing smiles and satisfaction to your child’s playtime. The colourful and entertaining collection of wooden toys, known as Anna’s Buddies, becomes a source of joy, movement, and skill development.

In this stage of development, children associate familiar objects with names, enhancing their language skills. Pushing a mechanical toy helps them learn to maintain balance, a skill further developed with our push toys. To support your child’s movements and walking development, ensure they have enough space for exploration and play. Embrace the joy of active play and skill development with our delightful collection of wooden toys, where smiles and satisfaction are guaranteed.

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