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Welcome to the enchanting world of our wooden toys for playing - a category dedicated to entertaining and aiding your child’s development, focusing on coordination and logic. The colourful and interactive toys play a crucial role in early childhood development.

At this age, children are drawn to repeating the same actions with objects of similar shapes. The act of grabbing different items and placing them in specific locations develops essential skills like grasping, aiming, and releasing in young children. Since motor skills are still developing, children often use their whole hands to explore, hold, and place toy elements. Toys with larger elements are particularly suitable during this developmental stage when grasping and placing individual parts are key skills. Our colourful interactive toys, known as Anna’s Buddies are fun and functional hand-made playthings. Wooden toys for assembly are crafted to capture your child’s imagination and channel their energy in healthy and productive ways. They play a vital role in enhancing skills such as balance and coordination, contributing to your child’s overall development.

Encourage your toddler to learn through play by demonstrating actions and explaining intentions, whether it’s building a certain figure or shape. As your child places one part on top of another, they visually judge the position of other elements. Share insights about the shapes, sizes, and colours of the figurines to create a rich learning experience. Through this interaction, your child feels the warmth of your love, attention and encouragement.

wooden toys for playing

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