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Welcome to the enchanting world of Wooden Puzzles and Sorters - a category that offers a diverse range of puzzles, colourful balance toys, and wooden sorters designed to introduce different shapes, colours, and numbers. As your child reaches the age of about two years, they begin to distinguish between above and below, arrange objects by size and colour, and combine elements with the guidance of an adult. Our various toy models are crafted to help children develop fine motor skills, logical thinking and memory.

Wooden stacking toys with models of animals, bring smiles to children’s faces and satisfaction as they master the skill of arranging the toy. These toys serve as a source of entertainment while aiding in the development of imagination and logical thinking. Tailored for ages two and up, Anna’s education toys are durable with water-based paints, prioritizing safety. Providing your child with toys that encourage coordinated and accurate hand actions is essential for their development. These play items help children perceive basic characteristics of objects, such as colour, shape, size, and location. Set a good example by showing your toddler both individual and series of actions, guiding them toward achieving interesting goals with their toys.

Explore the diverse range of Wooden Puzzles and Sorters, and witness the joy and growth that accompanies your child’s playtime. Watch as they develop skills, engage with imaginative play, and create lasting memories with their smiling puzzle companions.

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