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Welcome to the captivating world of Wooden Puzzles, where a delightful array of puzzles featuring animals awaits! Tailored for children around two years of age and above, these puzzles offer an engaging way for little ones to distinguish shapes and colours, combine and assemble elements, and begin developing important skills.

At this age, fine motor skills are in the spotlight, focusing on eye-hand coordination, eye-finger coordination. Our stacking toy models are designed to assist children in developing these skills, along with logical thinking and memory. Solving wooden puzzles becomes an active and satisfying part of a child’s development. Stacking puzzles are interesting and educational, stimulating brain development. With these puzzles, your child can learn the names of different animals, colours, and shapes. The smiling models of animals are sure to capture children’s attention, contributing to cognitive development. These puzzles are appropriately sized and feature water-based, durable paints for safety.

The age around two years and above is a crucial period for building cognitive skills. Spend quality time playing and communicating with your child, showing empathy and understanding. In puzzle games, draw attention to spatial relationships between pieces and encourage your toddler to assemble wooden puzzles with 3-4 simple shapes, fostering a love for learning and discovery.

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