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We are a small family-run, handcraft company for wooden toys, based in Bulgaria - EU. We are bonded by our shared passion for wood and its endless potential. We make toys with little wood and a lot of love. The first children’s wooden toys we made attracted the attention of both children and their parents. Anna’s wooden toys happened as a realization of a long-standing idea and belief that the future starts with children and belongs to them. Our wooden toys are fun and educational, designed to be sustainable, sturdy and bring children closer to nature. Inspired by the Montessori method, we create toys that aim to provoke, and inspire children and bring the family together.

The wooden toys inspire children to play, learn, and explore the world we live in. Designed primarily for children, the products would also delight their parents. Each item is designed to enhance children’s skill development. Children experience everything through fun and play, and parents recognize that age-appropriate toys provide the foundations for social, sensory, physical, and emotional skills development. Anna’s toys are inspired by the Montessori method, age-appropriate grouped, and all of them are created with harmless sustainable materials.

"Wood has always been an essential part of my life. Since an early age, I have been surrounded by it at my grandfather’s workshop. I grew up with the familiar, warm aroma of the timber and I learned to appreciate all its qualities and its magical power to bring us closer to nature. When my daughter Anna was born, it became clear that I wanted to pass this love for wood to her, and this is how Anna’s wooden toys came to exist."Anna’s father

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