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Kids love to play and play is how they first encounter skills development and learning. Using toys and games children learn more about themselves and the surrounding world. Our wooden toys are designed and created to help children’s physical, cognitive and emotional development. We strive through our products to inspire and provoke infants’ imagination and curiosity, to boost their confidence, communication and skills.

Anna loves to explore • For the very first exciting weeks and months of our newborn Anna, we designed and created her first wooden baby toys - crib mobiles and rattles, grouped into a category - 0+ Anna’s baby toys

Anna likes to play • Anna is no longer a baby, she is an infant, gradually turning into a curious toddler and starts to enjoy games while learning about herself, her family and the surrounding world. For the one-year-old, we created her first play mates - 1+ Anna’s buddies

Anna wants to learn • The little one is turning into a hungry for knowledge and experiences explorer, experimenting and learning about colours and shapes. To assist this fascinating progress we developed the toys category - 2+ Anna’s education

Anna creates stories • At the age of three, Anna gets introduced to various wheeled vehicles and starts developing intriguing stories while embracing role play with her buddies, trucks and trains. These toys are specifically designed for this age and the developmental stage the children are at - 3+ Anna’s cars

Anna likes to have fun • We now have at home a curious preschooler with a short attention span and we focused our efforts to offer her off-screen alternatives and quality family time. And this is how our board games and brain teasers were designed - 4+ Anna’s fun games

Many pediatricians, teachers, and early childhood psychologists agree that the most important period of the development of human intelligence is between birth and the age of 5. The mind of the child learns quickly and has heaps of curiosity at this young age. When stimulated and nourished properly, children’s consciousness creates learning benchmarks that will serve and benefit them throughout life.
Instead of teaching our children concepts, we can create an environment that stimulates their interest and spontaneous desire to learn. The environment allows children to act independently and participate in their own education. When allowed to choose and presented with the result of their choice, children’s self-esteem and confidence are boosted and help them grow more confidently, happily and independently.

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