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Welcome to the magical world of Anna’s wooden toys. Each one of our handmade products has been crafted with love, care, and attention. Every item aims to encourage the baby’s development from the cradle, supporting them to reach all important cognitive, physical, social, and emotional milestones, while empowering and unleashing the curiosity and potential of the infant and the small child.

Our toys are designed and created in Bulgaria. Anna’s wooden toys puts social and environmental sustainability at the heart of everything we do. Dedicated to this belief we make games and toys that are entirely made of natural materials, eco-friendly, coloured with certified harmless paints, without the use of varnish. All our products comply with the European standard EN 71 for the safety of toys. They combine tradition with modern methods of craftsmanship.

Anna’s wooden toys create stage-based play essentials for the quickly developing brain of your young explorer. They are aimed at babies and toddlers from the age groups 0+ to 4+ supporting all important stages of this significant and dynamic period of their early life. Each group of toys has subgroups that cover the different areas of the child’s development and are unique just like your little one. You can buy our children’s treasures from Online • Anna’s shop wooden toys from Bulgaria - EU

0+ Anna’s baby toys

crib mobiles • 0+

colourful wooden crib mobiles • Anna’s charming collection of colourful wooden crib mobiles is a delightful addition to your baby’s nursery. They are a visual symphony that fuels growth and development from the very beginning. Crafted with care, these crib mobiles serve as an attractive visual stimulus and a soothing lullaby that gently lulls your baby into a blissful sleep.

rattles • 0+

vibrant wooden baby rattles • Crafted with care and designed to engage your baby’s senses, the rattles play a pivotal role in nurturing early skills. The rattles serve as invaluable tools in training your baby’s vision, grasp, and fine motor skills, providing a gentle introduction to the art of transferring objects from one hand to the other.

1+ Anna’s buddies

pull along • 1+

wooden pull along toys • The toys provide numerous developmental benefits, making them a favorite choice for play at home and for walks in the park. They engage your little one’s senses with bright colours and play a crucial role in learning cause and effect. As toddlers pull their favorite toys, they embark on a journey to improve their coordination.

push along • 1+

wooden push along toys • Our fun push friends are companions for the early stages of development of young children. These toys encourage your child’s physical and emotional growth. As your little one plays with these adorable friends, they embark on a journey of muscle development in their arms, legs and torso. Interactive play encourages the improvement of balance and coordination.

for playing • 1+

wooden toys for assembly • Crafted with care and creativity, our little friends are unique, handcrafted creations designed to capture your child’s imagination and channel their energy in healthy ways. These carefully crafted toys bring joy and contribute to the development of basic skills such as balance and coordination, making playtime an enriching experience for your child.

2+ Anna’s education

puzzles • 2+

wooden puzzles for toddlers • Go on a journey of early learning and exploration with Anna’s dynamic wooden puzzles for toddlers. They are invaluable tools for cultivating vital developmental skills. The size of the puzzle pieces and materials are tailored to your child’s cognitive stages, ensuring a harmonious combination of mental and physical progress.

balance toys • 2+

sort and balance toys • Immerse your child in the world of playful learning with our wooden sorting and balancing toys. As your little one engages with our wooden balancing toys, they embark on a journey of cognitive growth and improving fine motor skills. The interactive nature of these toys becomes a delightful opportunity to improve balance, coordination and basic counting skills.

sorters • 2+

coloured wooden sorters • Wooden sorters are key companions in the development of important cognitive skills. These basic skills enhance development and lay the foundation for early literacy and numeracy skills. As your toddler explores the world of sorting with our colourful wooden sorters, they embark on a journey of discovery, unlocking doors to logical thinking and problem solving.

3+ Anna’s cars

trucks • 3+

wooden cars and trucks • These lightweight vehicles are companions in your toddler’s developmental journey, offering a perfect blend of fun and safety. Their simplicity in operation makes them ideal for little hands, promoting independence and creativity. The wooden trucks become catalysts for the development of role play and imagination, crucial elements in your toddler’s early life stages.

trains • 3+

didactic wooden trains • Wooden trains have earned their place as traditional staples for any home. In addition to promoting enjoyment for both children and adults, our didactic wooden trains play a major role in building confidence and improving various cognitive skills. While your child is engaged in imaginary play with the trains, he goes on a journey.

sets • 3+

wooden story role-playing sets • These sets create the perfect backdrop for enriching and long-lasting role-playing experiences, encouraging a mix of imagination and joy. They allow children to create their own narratives and scenarios, sparking creativity and individual expression. Whether weaving tales with others or embarking on solo adventures, these sets become catalysts for holistic development.

4+ Anna’s fun games

board games • 4+

wooden board games • Fun is the gateway to early learning and strengthening family bonds. Our wooden board games offer a seamless combination of enjoyment and educational benefits. As players engage, they embark on a journey of healthy brain development. The strategic nature of these games encourages logic and concentration, making them an enjoyable and purposeful activity.

brain teasers • 4+

colourful wooden puzzles • Unleash the power of creativity with our vibrant collection of wooden puzzles and brain teasers. Engaging with our puzzles ignites creativity and hones cognitive skills. As your child tackles these challenges, he or she embarks on a memory-boosting and mood-boosting journey. Solving these puzzles becomes an enjoyable exercise that brings happiness.

Anna’s family

Kids love to play and play is how they first encounter skills development and learning. Using toys and games children learn more about themselves and the surrounding world. Our wooden toys are designed and created to help children’s physical, cognitive and emotional development. We strive through our products to inspire and provoke infants’ imagination and curiosity, to boost their confidence, communication and skills.

Anna loves to explore • For the very first exciting weeks and months of our newborn Anna, we designed and created her first wooden baby toys - crib mobiles and rattles, grouped into a category -

Anna likes to play • Anna is no longer a baby, she is an infant, gradually turning into a curious toddler and starts to enjoy games while learning about herself, her family and the surrounding world. For the one-year-old, we created her first play mates -

Anna wants to learn • The little one is turning into a hungry for knowledge and experiences explorer, experimenting and learning about colours and shapes. To assist this fascinating progress we developed the toys category -

Anna creates stories • At the age of three, Anna gets introduced to various wheeled vehicles and starts developing intriguing stories while embracing role play with her buddies, trucks and trains. These toys are specifically designed for this age and the developmental stage the children are at -

Anna likes to have fun • We now have at home a curious preschooler with a short attention span and we focused our efforts to offer her off-screen alternatives and quality family time. And this is how our board games and brain teasers were designed -

Instead of teaching our children concepts, we can create an environment that stimulates their interest and spontaneous desire to learn. The environment allows children to act independently and participate in their own education. When allowed to choose and presented with the result of their choice, children’s self-esteem and confidence are boosted and help them grow more confidently, happily and independently.

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